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If you want to support me even more, here are some suggestions of cool ways to do it! ♥

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spelling mistakes

If you spot any spelling mistake on the comic pages, please kindly correct me! Point me where the mistake is and tell me the correct way and I’ll try to edit it ASAP. Ryo-san is actually helping me with the text, but since English isn’t our native language some mistakes may happen. I appreciate the help!

Raindrops by mr-tiaa

spreading the news

Do you like the project? Welp, then why not share with others? Maybe you cannot help with money, language or other stuff… but you can always share the news and let more persons join the fun!

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money wise

If you have some spare money and would like to help this project to grown! My Patreon isn’t specific for Chuvareu but surely, if I have more donations I have more time to work on comic pages and lore, since it’s currently my main project. One time donations are also welcomed, here’s the Tip Jar! Oooor if you want an excuse to throw money at me, why not visit the Shopping District (under construction) and buy something?

Raindrops by mr-tiaa

take part